I was astounded to read a letter to the editor Wednesday morning saying how awful it was that independent Sen. Angus King and the Democrats in Washington are resisting rather than working across the aisle. I nearly spit out my coffee.

What is it the Republicans did for eight years with anything and everything Barack Obama tried to accomplish? Blaming the current problems on the minority party is a bit hypocritical, to say the least. The Republican Party has the White House, the Senate and the House and they still can’t get their bills through? Must be pretty smelly, is all I can say.

The Republicans did nothing to help fix the Affordable Care Act and did everything to make it fail – and now they want to destroy it and take even more from the little guys who put them there?

I am proud of our senators here in Maine: They are fighting to help Mainers have adequate health care. The bill the Senate Republican leadership is trying to ram through is good for no one but the extremely rich.

What the heck has happened in this country? People are expected to work for slave wages, endure poor health care and food insecurity and barely, if that, get their basic needs met, while too many of the people we send to Congress ignore the pleas and line their own pockets, then have the nerve to ask for a housing stipend because they can’t live on $174,000 plus Cadillac health care and benefits.

Jan Strout