Re: “Letter to the editor: Would Jesus be a liberal in a modern context?” (June 11):

I think it’s a fool’s errand trying to force something as big as Almighty God into something as small as our partisan politics. However, our political values are shaped by our moral and ethical values. In that context, I see:

Concerted efforts to strip affordable health care away from millions against a God Who miraculously cured disease.

Preoccupation with the “1 percent” against a God Who chose to be homeless and regularly celebrated beggars.

A party that facilitates polluting and destroying nature against a God Who lovingly created nature.

A party that can’t do enough to cut food assistance programs against a God Who miraculously multiplied loaves and fishes, rather than see people go hungry.

Bottom line: No one alive has “seen” God. So, we all “see” what we want to see.

Christopher Brent