I’m puzzled by the Maine government shutdown, apparently due to the inability to pass a state budget that meets with the governor’s approval.

I get that people have different priorities, but that’s when compromise comes into play. The bill on solar energy that recently passed the Legislature is a perfect example of how compromise can result in forward movement.

As a supporter, I felt that L.D. 1504 did not go as far as some would have liked with regard to net metering, but it lifted the cap on community solar farms, which I do support. The bill also put into place a role for the Public Utilities Commission to develop rules based on good research. For those opposed to the bill, I suspect it didn’t go far enough with regard to net metering, but they perhaps liked the inclusion of PUC rules.

This is compromise. This is part of what we send our representatives and senators to Augusta to do – yes, to represent our interests, but also to balance those interests against the greater good. This budget doesn’t do everything I would like, but the greater good is not served by closing down state government.

I applaud the elected officials who represent Sagadahoc County communities and are doing their jobs with reasonableness and fairness (with the exception of Rep. Jeff Pierce, who has voted against the budget). Please contact your state representatives and senators to get Maine back to work.

Allison Hepler


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