I applaud the Republicans and Democrats in Augusta for their ability to compromise on the state budget. The word “compromise” means that each group gets something at the same time they lose something. Neither party is happy with the compromise, but the citizens of the state of Maine win because the state continues to function.

There is something wrong when one person, Gov. LePage, can hold everyone hostage because he didn’t get a budget that he likes! He reminds me of the child at a playground pickup ballgame who doesn’t get picked to be on the team he wanted. So, he takes his bat and ball home so no one can play.

Well, this isn’t a sandlot ballgame! People’s livelihoods are at stake, and it’s time for the governor to grow up and do his job! The only rulers who always get their way are dictators. In case the governor hasn’t heard, we came to America because we didn’t want to be under a dictatorship.

Compromise is how we want government to operate. If Gov. LePage can’t agree to compromise, then he should take his ball and go home. I’m confident the citizens of Maine can find a governor who is willing to work for Mainers!

Steven C. Pomelow


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