Gov. LePage achieved his primary goal of resisting exorbitant taxes on high earners, as well as warding off higher taxes on hotels and lodging facilities. At the same time, there is increased funding for education and some social services, largely because of better-than-anticipated revenue, for which LePage’s fiscal management is largely responsible.

With no more biennial budget battles to fight, he can now look forward to retiring to his Boothbay home or taking a job with the Trump administration. And just a few months ago, some pundits were predicting that he would be a lame-duck governor. Mainers will look far and wide to find a governor who has been a more prudent manager of their hard-earned tax dollars.

Some people have called him crazy because they don’t agree with his gritty politics. I think he’s crazy for having put up with all of the abuse heaped on him for a chump-change salary of $70,000 a year.

He has broken no law of God or man, his personal and family life are squeaky clean and his administration is scandal-free. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Walter J. Eno