While observing the vehicles going by me, I feel as if it’s time to take pen in hand.

A friendly reminder to the people driving down Meeting House Hill from the intersection of Sawyer Street and Cottage Road: The speed limit is 30 mph. Some of you are doing at least 40 mph by the time you reach Hobbs Funeral Home and 50 mph before reaching the bottom of the hill.

Also, when I yell at you to slow down and you give me the finger, it shows what type of person you really are. Grow up!

If you’re in a vehicle in the left-hand turning lanes by Holy Cross Church, you have to use your blinker, even if there’s an arrow in that lane. It’s the law.

When you’re sitting still at a red light, it’s against the law to do your texting. As long as you’re behind the wheel of that vehicle and waiting for the light to change, you are breaking the law by doing this. You can tell the people who proceed to do this by the length and distance between vehicles. Close it up, people, and be considerate of the people behind you!

The drivers who cut through to Cottage Road from Broadway on Clemons Street and Mussey Street have to remember that this is a neighborhood and not a racetrack. Slow down and, once again, be considerate of other people.


Finally, on the way people park: The law states that you should park your vehicle in the direction of traffic flow, which means the front of your vehicle is facing the same way the traffic goes. It doesn’t mean you can park your vehicle facing in any direction you feel like.

Slow down and start obeying the rules of the road and the parking regulations.

Pete Swasey

South Portland

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