The people of Maine voted on and passed citizen initiatives last November. Our Legislature has decided that the vote of the people does not matter.

We the people voted to tax the wealthy 3 percent to pay for our underfunded school system. We the people said we want to change the way our representatives are chosen by enacting the ranked-choice voting process. Rather than heed the voice of the people, the Legislature tried to make it more difficult for citizens to put an initiative on the ballot.

If the Legislature would do the work we send our representatives to Augusta to do, we citizens would not need to take matters into our own hands. Did your senator or representative vote to eliminate the surcharge on the wealthy, thereby keeping our schools underfunded? Did your senator or representative cast a vote to repeal the ranked-choice voting law we passed? If so, it’s time we have people in Augusta who hear our voice.

Check the voting record of any incumbents running for re-election to see if they are listening to us or if they hear the jingle of contributions from corporate lobbyists.

Gil Harris


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