Preserve Popham Pilings

Why would two nice people build an exquisite cottage, being blessed with the ability to do so, then decide to create a major issue by destroying a historic piece of Popham? Evidently they and they alone view these historic pilings as an eyesore. Popham residents and visitors alike are dismayed, to say the least, with this potential destruction. How can they expect to enjoy their new cottage surrounded forever with adversarial neighbors? Why? Why? Why?

What do Winnegance and a penny have in common? They both have ten mills. What would happen if some newly arrived couple decided to dredge these 10 historic mill sites in the name of being unsightly, useless, a hazard to navigation, a potential erosion problem. Would this fictional new couple be treated with kindness by their Bath and Winnegance neighbors?

We are supposed to love our neighbors not anger them.

E. Sargent Legard,

Pilings Hardly Trash

What a shame to see so many people’s heartfelt concerns and memories trivialized as trash by Mr. Kearneyn’s cartoon. The will of one powerful person overriding the respectful efforts of multiple generations of village families — with no hard and solid justification — is nothing to dismiss without a full understanding of the issues. Not the proudest moment for a local newspaper.

C. Shiebler,

Keep It Coming

Regarding “ LePage hints at making up ‘ fake news’” ( The Times Record, July 7-9) — thank you for continuing to publish your “ vile,” “ inaccurate” and “useless” news. If not for this service, we would not know about our governor, who has been characterized in this paper as “obscene,” “unfit (to serve),” “reprehensible” and “racist.”

One-and-one-half years to go for this guy, three-and-one-half (at most) for the other one.

Ralph Keyes,

Need Maine Plates

I am a elementary teacher in Idaho and I am in need of help from Maine residents.

I want to do a school project for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year with my class. I need a retired license plate from The Pine Tree State. If you have one you could donate to me I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

My school address is: Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center 2801 Hunters Loop Blackfoot, ID, 83221.

Benjamin Ashley Parker,
Blackfoot, Idaho