New Hampshire is a substantial contributor to the Maine economy, which is why the casino referendum in York County should pass.

For years now, residents of the Granite State have crossed over the border to the Oxford Casino. It’s not unreasonable to believe that 30 percent of its yearly revenue comes from New Hampshire. It’s not as high in Bangor, but it’s a similar situation.

In early May, the New Hampshire legislature defeated casino legislation by an overwhelming margin. It can’t come back for at least two years, and I believe it will be longer than that. Maine casinos are closer than the ones in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and York County is already a growing tourist destination for New Hampshire residents, along with the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

The construction of a casino in York County would bring in millions of dollars in tax base, tourism and revenue to the Maine economy, much of it from New Hampshire – an increase in something that is already happening.

Steven Connolly

Bethlehem, N.H.