In the July 8 Portland Press Herald, I read with keen interest the Maine Voices column written by Jake Plante.

His wisdom and his statements deserve to be shared in newspapers all over the United States. Personally, I will save the whole column and add his last sentences to my personal book containing collected “Words of Wisdom.” I sincerely hope you will reprint his last paragraph here for the readers who happened to miss that day’s edition.

Mr. Plante states:

“The values of caring for the environment are the same as caring for our families, neighbors, communities and the less fortunate. Eventually, stronger environmental protection will prevail out of necessity – we’re all in this together. But at this perilous time, in a culture enthralled with selfies, celebrity worship and individual gain, a healthy environment is about to be sacrificed. That’s why we must keep our eyes on the shared commons and smart governance to preserve it.”

Gunnel Larsdotter