Building permit and planning records from the City of Portland indicate that over 1,400 new units of housing have been built since 2010, including more than 300 apartments built in the past year. As of Dec. 27, 2018, an additional 84 apartments are under construction.

While that sum may sound impressive, it represents only a 4% increase in the city’s housing supply over levels recorded in the 2010 Census, and it’s not clear whether the new housing is enough to address a long-running shortage of housing in the city. In a 2015 planning report, the city estimated that it would need to add over 8,000 new units of housing by 2030 to meet demand in a “medium growth” scenario.

New housing units in Portland, by year built

SOURCE: City of Portland
INTERACTIVE: Christian MilNeil | @c_milneil

Most of the new housing built since 2010 has been located on the city’s peninsula, in urban neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area, but in 2018, off-peninsula neighborhoods saw the most construction activity, with the renovation of the former St. Joseph’s Convent into an 88-unit senior housing development and the completion of a new 150-unit congregate care facility off Ocean Avenue.

The India Street neighborhood, a hotbed of new construction activity, has added about 212 new homes so far this decade.

Map of housing units in Portland, by year built

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SOURCE: City of Portland
INTERACTIVE: Christian MilNeil | @c_milneil

This map will be updated as new projects go under construction.

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