Re: “As Maine’s opioid crisis worsens, 128th Legislature whiffs” (Page A1, July 9):

Where were we? Yes, we can point fingers at our legislators. That is easy to do, but they do represent us. They say that the noisy wheels get the grease; my guess is there’s been no noise from us, the public. Where is our passion? Is a life so unimportant?

Where are we now? Unfortunately, I fear our heads are still in the sand and lives are being lost. When will we wake up?

Any time soon, it may be one of our sons or a daughter or a grandchild, a spouse, a precious loved one. When it’s one of ours, it will be too late, to say nothing about the lives lost while we have been talking and talking and doing nothing.

Now is the time to get involved. Love an addict.

Rev. Barbara D. Adlard