An effort is underway in Washington to undermine the Medicaid program – what we know as MaineCare.

Together, the House-passed American Health Care Act and President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal would cut federal Medicaid spending by half in 10 years.

Moreover, the AHCA would also shift Medicaid from a guaranteed benefit available to seniors, children and people with disabilities to a fixed – and much smaller – pot of money for the people eligible for the program.

This is not reform. This is an effort to strip away a program that serves the most vulnerable Mainers. Nationwide, Medicaid covers two-thirds of seniors in nursing homes, 39 percent of American children and over 10 million people with disabilities.

The fate of MaineCare – and the seniors, children and people with disabilities who rely on the program – is now in the hands of the Senate. We urge Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to continue to oppose any bill that cuts or caps federal Medicaid spending.

Scott Morrison

vice president of Maine operations, Ascentria Care Alliance

Scott Hamilton

board of directors, Ascentria Care Alliance