We need to see a story about Sinclair Broadcasting’s decision to make their local stations (nearly 200 across the country) run pro-Donald Trump propaganda “commentaries” via former Trump campaign aide Boris Epshteyn. The first one I saw on WGME shocked me beyond words. There was no rebuttal, no fact-checking or outing of cherry-picked data points. Epshteyn practically gushed about Trump.

With the purchase of Tribune Media, Sinclair’s pro-Trump dogma will soon extend into even more local television outlets.

Our media is eroding before our eyes, first radio and now television news. Sinclair is owned by a conservative-leaning Southern family who have decided to take their local stations into deeply partisan territory.

I’ve watched Channel 13 news for over 50 years, but I am changing the channel and plan to boycott their advertisers.

Why not look into the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine by President Reagan as a sidebar? It is, I believe, the single most critical component in eroding the integrity of our media outlets.

I am an independent, by the way. I’d be just as alarmed if WGME were running left-leaning commentaries, especially without balance.

Marc McCutcheon

South Portland