If Donald Trump moves to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we as a nation will have come to a crisis point that threatens our entire republic.

Worse, Republicans in Congress and at the Department of Justice, who have the power to protect the nation, will not act of their own accord to do so. They, along with a handful of Democrats, have demonstrated no willingness to stand up to Trump and hold him accountable for matters much smaller than manufacturing a full-blown constitutional crisis. Why would they start now?

If Donald Trump moves to fire Robert Mueller, it will be up to each and every one of us to act, to resist, to defy – peacefully, loudly, publicly and immediately.

If that time comes, be ready to drop whatever you’re doing and flood the streets, the squares and the government buildings. Be seen. Be heard. Peaceful protests, everywhere.

The majority of our elected officials will not voluntarily work to stop this crisis. In the end, convincing them to uphold their sworn duty to protect the United States of America will be up to you, me and everyone we know.

Are you ready to act?

Mark Klimek

South Portland