Even though I am not a Republican, I still am disturbed by the snarky poison being spewed by so many left-leaning Democrats. South Portland Rep. Scott Hamann’s recent sanctimonious and belligerent diatribe against President Trump provides an extreme example.

On July 12, Hamann wrote a nasty rant on Facebook about our president. Among other things, he accused President Trump of being a rapist. By any measure of etiquette or politics, these were inexcusably harsh and unfounded accusations coming from an elected official in the Maine Legislature.

Although Rep. Hamann has exhibited his twisted perspectives and poor judgment, the sad truth is that, rather than resign in disgrace from his role as a lawmaker, there’s a good chance the following will happen:

He will lay low for a while, hoping that the folks in Maine will forgive and/or forget.

He will run for the Legislature again, likely unopposed again, in 2018.

He will get re-elected, either by default or by voter apathy or because voters do not care if their leader is irrational, as long as he is a Democrat.

I almost feel bad for the Democrats of Maine, because every day that Rep. Hamann remains in office is another humiliating day for those who believe their leaders should be mentally stable, fair-minded, humble and deserving of the courtesy title of “Honorable.”

Henry Barbaro