ImmuCell, a Portland manufacturer of animal health products, has closed on a $1 million equity investment.

On Thursday, the company issued 200,000 common shares at $5.25 per share to investors Sandra and Brian Pessin, according to a news release from ImmuCell.

The infusion of capital means the company can proceed with plans to increase its sales force and prepare for the launch of expanded products that protect dairy and beef livestock, including its flagship product, First Defense, which protects newborn calves from a condition called scours.

“We have deferred certain other investments pending the completion of construction of our nisin production facility and installation of the related equipment,” said Michael F. Brigham, president and CEO, in the release.

The company is building a $20 million production facility in Portland for nisin, the active ingredient in a product it has developed called Mast Out. Mast Out is a natural treatment for mastitis, inflammation of breast tissue that can afflict lactating dairy cows.

Construction on the pharmaceutical-grade facility began in fall 2016 with the help of tax increment financing from the city of Portland.

On Thursday, the company also reported decreased sales in its first and second quarters compared with last year, which it attributes, in part, to clearing a $1.3 million backlog of orders in the first half of 2016.

ImmuCell anticipates sales of about $5.29 million during the six-month period that ended June 30, compared with $5.36 million in sales during the same period last year.

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