Does anyone in Cumberland County feel as if the trustees of the Cross Insurance Arena are inept at overseeing the facilities operation? I am personally infuriated that the residents agreed to upgrade it, but have not been able to have any events there for the summer: that is, June, July and August. Meanwhile, our tax dollars are paying to keep the daily operating expenses and the payments for the loan up to date. Other venues around the state are doing quite well at bringing in acts, but the arena can’t or won’t try.

What’s more, Global Spectrum, the company that runs the arena, is draining our pockets, and they don’t seem to care; I’m sure they are pleased to be able to take funds from our coffers to make their bottom line look great. I do give them credit as there are two days of professional bull riding coming in September, a couple of other sporadic shows, and the probability of another hockey team in another year.

But to see this great facility, which we own, sitting idle while others flourish is the fault of the trustees, who should be replaced. When the Global Spectrum contract expires, a new management team should be brought in with the help of new trustees. They all pulled the wool over our eyes and we shall continue to pay – that is, except for me, as I’m selling and moving to a different county.

And as a clincher to this, I’m also moving where I’m not required to pay the water district a fee for rain that falls from the heavens on my land. Watch your tax and sewer bills continue to rise, folks! Good luck!

Douglas Murray