It’s been over seven long years since I was as angry as I am now. The fraud known as Obamacare, which passed without one Republican vote and was promoted by a president who repeatedly lied when he said families would save approximately $2,500 per year, was enacted in 2010.

Last Tuesday, my Republican senator, Susan Collins, voted to refuse debate on an improvement to the horrible mess caused by Obamacare.

Repealing horrible Obamacare has been a bedrock Republican promise for seven years, and when it came to her important vote in the Senate, Collins decided to stand with Al Franken and socialist Bernie Sanders instead of her Maine constituents, who lost their health insurance plan as a result of horrible Obamacare.

Perhaps it’s because Susan Collins enjoys the generous government health insurance plan that is forbidden by law to Mainers that she chose to cement her place as a partisan of the radical left regardless of the letter “R” after her name.

It will be my unwavering goal to do everything I can to see that Collins is defeated, and I encourage every Maine Republican to do the same.

Ethan Jones