Hot, humid summer days often require tying back long hair. Why not perform this simple gesture with style?

Daytrip Society, a gift shop in the heart of Kennebunkport that sells products “inspired by nature and travel,” makes its own hair ties featuring critters and nautical themes.

“My Roc,” inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Photo courtesy of Jessica Jenkins

Why hair ties? Every year around the holidays, the store’s staff gets together for homemade pizza and crafts, shop co-owner Jessica Jenkins explained. The group picks a different project each year, and a few years ago the project was making packs of hair ties from soft, elastic ribbon in complementary colors. They proved so popular with the staff that the owners decided to start selling them.

Now the staff makes the ties year round; Jenkins joked that certain employees “are cross-trained in hair ties.” Whenever things are slow, they head to the picnic table behind the store (it has a great view, Jenkins said) to make some.

They now have about 20 styles, many of which were designed to match the store’s displays, with names like “Blueberries for Sal” – inspired by the classic Maine children’s book – and “Navigating the Night Sky.” Got a long-haired friend who’s into beekeeping? The “Bee’s Knees” hair tie set includes a bright yellow tie with honeybees on it, and one with a yellow-and-white honeycomb pattern. A special pack celebrating Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude features a red tie with a silver lobster, a candy cane-striped tie, and a white tie with silver snowflakes. A Lobster Bake pack includes the silver lobster mixed with other nautical pieces, such as a tie with anchors.

The Daytrip Society staff is, of course, very into daytripping and goes on excursions together, which is how they get a lot of their inspiration for the hair ties.

“Usually they’re nature-oriented,” Jenkins said. “We’ll take a walk and a picnic or something. But one year we went to see Jay-Z and Beyonce, so we have a pack that’s called ‘My Roc.’ ”

Those ties are gold and teal and “blingy,” she said.

A set of five ties costs $10, and you can buy them at the store or through its website,