A new ad to be released next week by one of America’s biggest household products companies has drawn outrage – and praise – for addressing racial bias.

“The Talk,” a two-minute video by Procter & Gamble, depicts black mothers of different generations, talking to their children about racism.

“It’s an ugly, nasty word, and you are going to hear it, nothing I can do about that,” a mother tells her young son. “But you are not going to let that word hurt you, you hear me?”

“Now, when you get pulled over,” another mother tells her teenage daughter.

“Ma, I’m a good driver don’t worry, OK?” the daughter answers.

“Baby, this is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home.”

The new ad builds on the company’s 10-year-old “My Black Is Beautiful” campaign, which has produced audio interviews about bias. The company, which makes a wide array of products from laundry detergent to cough drops, says the stories they tell are meant to reflect the real-world experiences of many of their customers. It has also produced videos about gender bias, such as the Always LikeAGirl and Ariel ShareTheLoad ads.

“The Talk,” which appeared online two weeks ago, sparked a heated reaction on social media, with some commending the company for addressing a hard topic, and others accusing it of race-baiting and vowing to stop buying its products.

“Let the boycott begin on P&G!!! Cannot believe they would cut their noses off, to spite their faces,” a commenter wrote on a YouTube page showing the ad.

Conservative101.com said, “In a cynical attempt to sell more soap and household cleaning products to the African-American community, consumer giant Procter & Gamble decided to produce a commercial pandering to what they believe African-Americans think.”

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