Gov. LePage has wrongfully chided independent U.S. Sen. Angus King, who does gather comments from the specific supporters in Maine whom he represents. Sen. King keeps his email correspondents apprised of his activities while in Maine.

There is no reason the governor would have taken time to notice that. Thus, the governor wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Sen. King does not spend enough time getting Mainers’ opinions before voting.

Respectfully, the governor should realize that he and Angus King have different constituencies in Maine. Our independent, two-term past governor, now-Sen. King, voted last week to oppose the Affordable Care Act repeal and save lives, while the current governor wanted the vote to favor Republican political considerations, including additional tax breaks for the wealthy that, in my opinion, had no place in a health care vote.

Furthermore, there is apparently no independent Senate caucus, so Sen. King should not be faulted, as he often is, for caucusing with either one of the two significant political parties.

He had to choose one. Sen. Susan Collins had Maine covered in the Republican caucus, so it makes sense that our other senator should caucus to represent our state within the other sizable party. He is still independent (as are many of his constituents, including me).

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom