During this time of political upheaval, a group of about a dozen neighbors has been meeting weekly to consider how to let our voices be heard on matters of current contention in our nation’s life, particularly health care and immigration.

As people with a strong sense that our religious values call us to work for justice, fairness and inclusion for all – most importantly those on the margins of society – we chose the name Faith-Based Action for Justice.

We’ve focused our efforts particularly on weekly visits to the office of Sen. Susan Collins to present our concerns. We write now to express our appreciation and admiration for the courageous stance our senator has taken in standing against various efforts to repeal health care coverage provided through the Affordable Care Act without developing a plan that ensures sufficient continued coverage for those who so desperately depend upon it.

Her wise and humane influence has been critical in preventing a rush to repeal or greatly diminish health care coverage, which is a life-and-death issue for so many in this state and around the country. She has shown the courage of her convictions in challenging her own party as it has pushed feverishly to win a vote and claim a “victory” regardless of how much harm it will cause to so many millions of people.

Everyone loses when members of Congress believe that desperately seeking to win a vote becomes more important than protecting the health and welfare of those they are elected to serve. Sen. Collins, by her active pursuit of bipartisan cooperation, is working to bring healing to the impasse that has paralyzed our legislative branch of government.

We commend her also for speaking out against the president’s efforts to interfere with the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller. We are proud of Sen. Collins for holding steadfastly to values that make our nation great.

The Rev. Robert A. Moore