The unfolding drama in Portland between the mayor and seemingly everyone else, and the antics playing out in Washington, D.C., have some disturbing similarities.

In both cases, the highest elected official demands complete loyalty and obedience from very competent, longtime employees. Both are equally willing to throw those same people under the bus with no hesitation.

During their short time in office, both have been the center of excessive drama, dislike following established channels of communication and seem to see themselves as more important than the other elected officials with whom they must work. Neither has fostered a good working relationship with their predecessor, and each portrays himself as a “victim.”

Because of the media concentration in Portland, the mayor there gets a great deal more coverage than the mayors of the rest of Maine’s cities combined. That kind of attention might also seem like a great stepping-stone for someone with grand political aspirations.

Let’s hope that the Portland City Council can bring back some civility and decorum soon!

Jake Wolterbeek