It is now, hopefully, very obvious to everyone that electing Donald Trump to the presidency was and continues to be a failed experiment.

It is clear to all people with half a brain that he has no idea what he is doing. He wasn’t qualified to be hired for the job in the first place, but this country hired him anyway.

Mr. Trump claims to be a businessman, but the most obvious rule of business is you do not hire someone to run your business who doesn’t know what they are doing. You have resumes and references and interviews to help choose the best candidate for the position. Imagine if Amazon determined who their CEO would be by running a national election. Can we please just fire this guy and move on before he takes us back to the Stone Age?

We have a toddler driving the town firetruck around in circles and honking the horn while everything burns to the ground. Someone needs to step forward and say, “OK, Donnie, get out of the truck.”

Anthony Winslow