City Manager Jon Jennings has refused to meet with the elected mayor, Ethan Strimling, does not respond to emails, will not let the mayor see official press notices prior to their release to the public, forces the mayor to ask permission to speak with city staff and threatens to quit publicly when he doesn’t get his way. In what distorted universe is that the behavior of a “well-intentioned” guy, as Simon Thompson wrote in his letter to the editor published Aug. 7?

That type of behavior is best described as immature, and the voters of the city of Portland deserve better.

I will continue to describe Mr. Jennings in this fashion until he proves he is willing and able to sit down with the mayor and begin the collaborative work that any two mature adults, working in their positions of responsibility, owe to the taxpaying citizens.

Regarding the fall elections: I will be supporting candidates based on their positions on issues and their ability to rise above petty bickering and focus on the challenges our city faces. I have no interest in candidates who “condemn” anyone, as Mr. Thompson urges.

Timmi Sellers

Peaks Island