Good decision-making is grounded in the open exchange of and debate on ideas. That’s why I am so concerned about the possible suppression of the latest report on climate change, which is now in the hands of President Trump and the White House, awaiting permission for it to be released to the public. In the words of Al Gore, its release may be “inconvenient” for this administration.

The Climate Science Special Report – a key element of the National Climate Assessment, which is done by mandate every four years – is based on work by the Environmental Protection Agency and 12 other federal agencies. Yet the heads of those very agencies are the ones denying climate change. Those agencies and the president must give permission before it can be published.

It is not a “manifesto” sort of thing. It is not political. It is a scientific report. Let’s look at it and debate and pressure our public officials to do likewise.

Elizabeth Oatley