Like many Americans, I am very, very concerned about our present president. I believe we are, without a doubt, very scared and concerned about how our president is running our country.

Firstly, I am very upset about how President Trump is talking about getting rid of the news media. He is very slowly cutting back on their visibility to the public. He has now managed to stop the press briefings from being broadcast live to the public.

Secondly, he cut back immensely on the time that journalists could ask questions. Now we have noticed that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders can only answer one question. We, as a free society, absolutely know where President Trump is headed in regard to silencing the media.

All of us who experienced the Watergate era fully realize that our democracy needs the media. All we need to see is what happened to all the countries that got rid of the media.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge that the only Republicans who stood up against Trump were the Bush family. They, and they alone, realized where our country was headed with the election of Mr. Trump. Consequently, I ask other Republicans to speak up to a president who is dividing our government and its people.

J. Robert and Cynthia R. Chasser