In the Aug. 6 Maine Sunday Telegram, columnist Jim Fossel compares Donald Trump to Richard M. Nixon, pointing out Nixon’s so-called positives, and saying it’s unfair to compare.

I agree it’s unfair. Obviously, Mr. Fossel wasn’t around when Nixon and his mass-murdering secretary of state, war criminal Henry Kissinger, were committing treason by sending Nixon aide (while he was still a candidate!), Anna Chennault, to the 1968 peace talks to convince the South Vietnamese to walk away from the negotiations, resulting in 24,000 more dead soldiers and a million more dead Vietnamese, many of them civilians.

Lyndon B. Johnson had tapes of Chennault doing this. Nixon also expanded the war into Cambodia, killing and bombing anything that moved, and shot down protesters at two American colleges.

You want to tell us how Trump’s actions even come close to Nixon’s treacherous war crimes?


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