How is President Trump really supposed to answer? He gets yelled at by reporters for not answering questions on white supremacy. He already said, loud and clear, that what happened in Charlottesville is not tolerable behavior by any group.

Is that difficult to understand? Why does the left have to pull out the victim card on every single incident? Haven’t you figured out that Americans are just sick and tired of everything being politicized?

What about the weeks following the election and during the inauguration, when left-wing lunatics set fires, smashed windows and caused massive destruction to property all over the country? Who apologized for that? No one.

Then there is the article reprinted from The Washington Post headlined “Trump rhetoric stirs fresh wave of anti-U.S. feeling” (Page A2, Aug. 13) regarding Venezuela. Really?

It’s completely misleading, as the people of Venezuela have been battered to a pulp for a decade of socialism and now basically a dictatorship. No food on shelves, poverty and, in 15 years, it’s gone from a stable, beautiful country to a place in ruins. I know – I happen to work for a company that does business there, and it’s a tragedy.

President Nicolas Maduro says he wants to be friends with America, and that is what you publish. But you fail to publish the truth about how the place is in shambles because of their army controlling the government.

Maybe you need to stop reproducing garbage from the left-wing Washington Post and throw in a few well-written articles by some conservatives. Unfortunately, I know that will never happen.

Andy Page

Biddeford Pool


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