The events unfolding in Charlottesville are just another example of the divisiveness we are experiencing in our country today. In a few months, I will celebrate 70 years as an American, having grown up in a small city in Maine. My dad was one of five sons, three of whom served our country in World War II, fighting just the kind of hate we are seeing in Charlottesville right now.

It is time for every American to take a stand against this growing threat to our culture. Looking to our leadership to squelch this madness hasn’t proven to effect any positive change. It is up to each and every one of us, when confronted with hate, to speak up in defense of those being attacked and mistreated.

This movement was emboldened by our election last November. Our president, no matter how well intentioned, gave a nod to the racists and violent action by saying things about protesters at his rallies like “Get ’em outta here” and “Knock the crap out of ’em.”

Let’s not accept this craziness as the new normal. We must and will stand together for everyone’s freedom and safety in the land that has given us all so much.

Stan Lourie


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