Boston has long been a beloved destination for Mainers of all colors, creeds and loves. Many of us treasure it as much as we do our own home. That’s why, as white supremacists gather on Boston Common this Saturday, Mainers for Accountable Leadership is on a mission to “cap and trade” the haters with compassion and understanding.

For every hour that the white supremacists “rally” in Boston, our GoFundMe campaign enables people to pledge to donate to Life After Hate, a nonprofit founded by former white supremacists who now work to counter that ideology and help others escape its bonds through education, research and outreach.

This Saturday, in Boston, white supremacists will effectively and unwittingly rally to defeat themselves and their cause. Mainers for Accountable Leadership will post a large banner for all to see how understanding works in our neck of the woods.

We are joined in this effort by several national and local groups, including Rapid Resist, March for Truth, Women’s March-Maine, Suit Up Maine, Brunswick Area Rising, March Forth and other Maine Indivisible groups.

We invite all to show up – bear witness, protest, donate and volunteer. Only through the collective power of our voices will we defeat hate.

Dini Merz

Mainers for Accountable Leadership