The U.S. Constitution begins with the words “We the People,” not “us or them the people.” Current political debate is more often about the “us and them.” We need to refocus on the “we.”

Moving forward I will be looking to and working for public officials who work to bring people together, to move forward, and not those looking to gain or maximize our disagreements. The words “to form a more perfect union” follow “we the people.” While we have much to celebrate, today we do not have to look far to see our imperfections nationally or in Maine.

Let us have honest discussions and refocus on the goal of continual improvement of our union and reject those who only wish to divide.

When we can respect and work with those we may disagree with, we are more likely to all move forward. Democracy needs to be more than a passive spectator sport left to others, since it does define who we are. Let us all make a commitment to work for a more perfect union for us all.

Jim McGowan