North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, there is only one way to defuse the potential for war.

As “a great person born of heaven,” you will free your people, proving your greatness as no leader has done before you.

You will then lead with the mandate from your people, based on respect and adoration, as oppossed to fear of thinking, breathing, speaking, enslavement, torture and execution.

As the “great successor to the revolutionary cause of Juche,” by creating an open society, you will be the shining example in the world of enlightened leadership. Your people will prosper and grow stronger as individuals and as a nation. Peace not fear.

Armed conflict will maim and annihilate countless innocent lives. There is a better way. Be the great leader, free your people and become the celebrity of other nations and their people.

There is only one justification for conflict, whether by nations or individuals: self-defense.

The resolve and commitment to self-defense by Americans should never be questioned or tested.

Chris Lyons

Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate