If you are a person of conscience, yet somehow made the colossal mistake of voting for Donald Trump, now is the time to speak up about your error in judgment and repudiate the anti-American narcissist in the White House who is threatening the very core of our democracy.

If you love America and her bedrock values of liberty, justice and equality, it is your civic duty to call out the inexcusable actions of this reckless, ignorant and utterly unfit fraud who is more concerned about his personal image and bank account than the long-term success of the United States.

You need to tell your friends and neighbors, who voted with you, that this was all a terrible lapse in judgment and that come November 2018, you plan to vote for candidates who reject Trump and his undemocratic agenda, which is harming Americans domestically and internationally.

Trump has brought unfathomable shame and disgrace to America and its institutions in just eight months – it is at our own peril that we fail to speak and act in this moment of gathering crisis to stop the literal dismantling of all that has been built by past generations of true Americans.

Phil Coupe

Cape Elizabeth