I am old-fashioned enough to still look forward to and enjoy reading a daily newspaper. What I no longer enjoy is the accompanying cringe that comes with reading headlines like “Classroom teachers ‘a dime a dozen,’ LePage says.” Seriously? With experienced teachers retiring faster than they can be replaced, or leaving the state for higher pay elsewhere, and public schools having to fight for every education nickel with private and now charter schools, what is the thought process behind this comment? Was there any? I understand the kudos for the Cianbro Institute’s efforts to increase job training, but don’t insult traditional teachers in the process.

I am further confused by his comment that it takes six years to get a bachelor’s degree in Maine (same article). LePage’s example: his daughter, who just graduated from law school. Last I heard, that was a graduate degree, three years beyond a bachelor’s. So of course it took more than the usual four years of school. Switching from one major to another will likely add to that time frame.

My mother’s sage advice continues to hold true: If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Oh, and check your facts before speaking.

Isabel Higgins