My wife and I are local attorneys residing in North Deering. We studied with Marpheen Chann at the University of Maine School of Law, and we can confidently say that he is the right candidate for Portland City Council District 5.

Marpheen has always conducted himself in a balanced, polite and calm manner. During the recent and contentious presidential election, I witnessed Marpheen handle a charged political debate with grace and charm. Rather than raise his voice or attack his opponent, he remained calm and collected. Marpheen is a patient and effective listener, and he will not respond until he has analyzed and thought through his response.

He is principled, yet he takes the time to listen to opposing views and engage people from all different backgrounds and political perspectives. Regardless of your political views, Marpheen has a remarkable sense of empathy, and he will actually consider your point of view – a refreshing change from our current political climate.

Marpheen’s diverse life experiences have made him resilient. He is the son of refugees; after moving to Portland, a white, working-class family adopted him. He is the first child of both families to graduate college and earn a law degree. These experiences illustrate Marpheen’s ability to adapt and challenge adversity.

As an advocate, Marpheen cares deeply about equality and justice. He advocates on behalf of working Americans, immigrants and the LGBT community. His advocacy is informed by his analytical skills, research and intellectual curiosity; Marpheen is always open to new ideas and perspectives. His innovative thinking and fresh ideas are exactly what we need in government.

My wife and I have come to know and respect Marpheen as a friend, colleague and leader in the community. We encourage residents of District 5 to vote Marpheen Chann for Portland City Council.

Martin and Jamie Tartre