Another blunder by the city has occurred.

It is distributing beautiful new recycling carts to residents of Portland, which I feel is a great idea, but they need to put more thought into the program.

I’m concerned with the elderly who move into a different home.

Now, when they unpack their belongings, they can no longer put empty cartons out with the roll-out containers.

Instead, they must be cut up, ripped up, broken down or flattened and placed into the containers.

This may become a cumbersome and possibly dangerous issue.

With many having arthritis and/or other medical issues, it may be a physically daunting task, and if a razor-cutter is used, there is potential for serious injury.

Come on, Portland: If you want to remain a people-friendly city, you must think things through.

It’s no wonder so many seniors want out! You are a great city, but you need to remain that way, and this doesn’t help.

Douglas Murray