Christian guilt (mea culpa) is under a full court press. Evidently, the younger generation hasn’t had enough time to inflict their follies on humanity, hence, the need to react against the “Sins of the Fathers.”

As such, it should be noted that if you’re going to condemn Robert E. Lee by tearing down his statues, then the same judgment should be applied to Ulysses Grant. He, also, owned and controlled slaves. He was among the three percent of Americans who did. That category, (slave owner) included close to 2,000 negro families and 18 U.S. presidents.

History seldom notes that “emancipation” is not an exclusive American theme. Two years prior to Lincoln’s 1863 freeing of American slaves, Emperor Alexander II, of Russia, released 23 million Slavs from bondage.

And, yes, the English word “slave” is linked to that area of the world.

Robert Denbow