Who benefits most when America leaves the international stage and looks inward? The Soviet Union? Oh, no, the Soviet Union – our Cold War enemy for decades which disintegrated decades ago! Maybe, just maybe, Russia would love to see us disintegrate in a like manner.

ho benefits most when America’s old founding wounds of the slave trade and the Confederate lost cause in the Civil War are rubbed raw and chaffed? The Soviet Union?

Who benefits most when America abandons its traditional leadership role in the world?

Who benefits most when American allies in NATO are undermined by whom? By America. By the president of the United States of America!

Who benefits most when America is split along ethnic lines and self-segregation, when mistrust and cruelty replace our melting pot, when trust in government and our world-renowned kindness to those less fortunate are diminished?

Who benefits most when “patriots” attack the government of America and participate in armed insurrection and take over our national parks and monuments?

Who benefits from an America further weakened by a president without skills, interest, intellect, experience or competence? Not our longtime nemesis, the Soviet Union – that country is long gone. Does anyone seriously think that Russia would like to see us thus weakened?

Check with Vladimir Putin if you can get him to stop laughing long enough to answer.

Chris Queally