Beginning with the Republican primary, there were red flags galore regarding the multitude of assorted amoral, unethical, and shady acts surrounding Trump.

To those who still display bumper stickers and banners promoting continued support of him, the proverbial ton of bricks has fallen; you can no longer declare “if only I had known.” Every day that passes, after the recent defining event in Charlottesville, without renouncing Trump you also are an accessory to this atrocity and your personal moral compass needs scrutiny. For citizens who simply prefer to be political bystanders, or those that continue to silently back Trump believing it is the duty of being a Republican, or the pouting Bernie Sanders supporters that bailed on Democratic platforms: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Trickle-down effect: how people with this type of agenda might influence boards and committees throughout Maine.

Shari Sage