No, Virginia. Teachers are not a dime a dozen, thank heaven!

No, Virginia. Everyone is not equal but all are valued and important in society. Thankfully all individuals have particular skills, abilities and temperament that allows them to all be valuable and constructive members of society. Those with artistic ability seek to beautify the world around them, while those with a wellspring of compassion serve as nurses, doctors and hospice caregivers. What would our civilization be without those with mathematical abilities serving as engineers and scientists? Without those who have the ability to translate their knowledge into their hands, who would repair our automobiles, build our homes or cut our hair?

Thus, Virginia, it is disheartening to hear those representatives that a society has chosen to be their leaders repeatedly disparaging those members of society who use their skills, abilities, and temperament in pursuit of a noble and essential calling. The art of teaching is an avocation as old as human existence.

Those that share and perpetuate our collective knowledge serve to help preserve and advance human society.

The profession is an honorable and noble a calling as any of the previously mentioned livelihoods.

Unfortunately, Virginia, some of these representatives judge the profession by the deficiencies of a few individuals; remember, not all doctors, carpenters, engineers or politicians are effective and productive. For some reason these representatives of the people feel the need to vehemently degrade this honorable and vital occupation.

No, Virginia. Teachers are not a dime a dozen; most are worth their weight in gold, thank heaven!

Normand L’Heureux


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