With the 2018 election season getting started in Maine, it is disheartening to see Sen. Angus King already taking money from the very special interests he has long promised to fight against.

Take the $1,000 July 17 donation to Sen. King from Navient Corp. (reported on the Federal Election Commission website). Navient is being sued by the federal government and several state attorneys general for deceptive and abusive practices against student borrowers. Navient’s response is not that it didn’t do it, but rather that it has no legal duty to be forthright with student borrowers.

Navient is also being sued for telling students they still have to pay certain loans after declaring bankruptcy, while at the same time telling investors that these loans are erased in bankruptcy.

Is Sen. King going to stand up for Maine students in this fight, or side with Navient?

Sen. King is a good man and has done a fine job in Washington. I just wish he would tell these dishonest out-of-state corporations that he doesn’t need their money.

Austin Smith


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