Ramble-On Council

Brunswick is in a very sad state of affairs, brought on by council members who talk too much and way too long. Council members speak too often and too long on any and all issues, but the public is only allowed five minutes at the podium.

We have and have had for a long time many people with diverse thoughts and personal interests which were the main reasons they ran for the council seat. They had an agenda to fulfill and are trying to do that. These people need to get together, take three steps backward, and faithfully agree we need to come to agreements for Brunswick’s own good. They encourage the public to watch meetings on TV but do nothing to make it enjoyable. Too many personalities have evolved, and hatred amongst each other abounds. Teamwork for the common good is obviously not even talked about. They quibble over little things, such as the difference between a 21/2 or 2 1/4 percent tax hike

Another issue is this Mere Point land, to a certain person on the council it is mostly a personal issue of whether they won or lost a vote issue, and not the issue itself. I believe the chairperson should start to polling council members on debatable issues to stop ongoing round and round talking leading to nowhere. The chair should ask members by show of hands, if they wish to use that money for future water front land, a show of hands for yes or no If yes, then the chair should pick an amount, say $50,000, again a show of hands, if a majority is not reached, then ask for $100,000 until the majority have spoken. Each council member speaks for as long as they wish, often it is for 7-10 minutes, if all members do such, that is over an hour of time gone by. To help stop extending these meeting for so long, I do believe council should be restricted to no more than five minutes each, and a two-minute comeback, and that is it, total, no more talk.

Bill Perreault,