There are plenty of reasons to gripe about Spectrum (formerly Time Warner), the cable and internet provider for most of the Portland area. Many readers of this newspaper have aired their negative opinions about Spectrum and its predecessor in this forum.

Following the transition to Spectrum, I was particularly dismayed to find new and unexplained additional charges on my bill. But trying to bargain with a monopoly is a fool’s errand. I have no choice but to use them as my internet service provider. Now they are selling the information they glean from the use of their monopoly system without my (or your) permission.

The other day in the mail I received from Spectrum a “2017 Annual Customer Notification.” Lots of words in small print. But it did tell me that I could express my desires on certain privacy preferences such as “do not call,” “do not email,” “do not mail” and “do not knock.” All I had to do was go to a specific website and enter my preferences along with my account number.

I went to the website and entered my account number. The Spectrum website requires an account number that is 16 digits in length. My account is 15 digits, without the dashes, and 17 digits with the dashes.

There is no way I can enter my account and restrict the ads they plan to send me. Very clever, Spectrum.

Len Freeman


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