I have great disdain for the people who had been dropping off junk (trash, broken furniture, electrical appliances, etc.) at the Salvation Army clothing donation box that was on Saco Avenue in Old Orchard Beach in front of Maine Cleaners.

At one point, you couldn’t get to the handle to open it. The Salvation Army went by regularly to do their pickup, and also cleaned up the area. They probably didn’t want the hassle, so they removed the donation box.

I think the majority of Mainers, and also most other Americans, believe the Salvation Army does good work for those in need. These low-life trashers should bite the bullet and bring their garbage to the transfer station. Sure, it will cost them a few bucks, but at least they wouldn’t put their burden and responsibility on others.

The key word here is ”responsibility.” It’s bad enough to see our beautiful back roads strewn with tossed-out junk. The towns and cities have to take care of it – again, placing the burden on someone else.

We, as others do, have great respect for what the Salvation Army does, and contribute to them both monetarily and with usable goods. I don’t suspect that these culprits read the newspaper, except for the comics and sports, but I had to vent my frustration.

Wes Carter

Old Orchard Beach