It is seldom that I find anyone on the left worthy of my praise. Today is an exception.

After the antifa actions in Berkeley, California, on Aug. 27 (when they physically attacked the leader of a conservative group at a rally), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi did make a statement declaring that there was no place for antifa violence. At least she did that much. That is more than any other Democrat in Congress did, including Rep. Chellie Pingree.

I can understand Pelosi agreeing with “No Trump, no wall,” but the antifa chant “No USA at all” is a bit over the top. Yes, it is covered by free speech; however, I would call that tiptoeing along the line of treason. Certainly, acting upon those words would be treason. And I saw one picture of a sign reading “This is war.” I have to wonder: Who they are declaring war against?

So, what have we heard from our leaders on the left? Their silence is deafening. Considering the hatred, violence and “No USA at all,” I call for the left to disavow and condemn antifa in the strongest terms.

Their silence only serves to condone antifa’s actions – but then the left and the media have been trying to remove the legitimately elected government of the U.S. since the inauguration of President Trump. And that is the definition of treason.

Warner Aston