Dana Milbank’s insidious and despicable column in the Sept. 7 Portland Press Herald has no place on the op-ed page of any newspaper (“Pursuing prosecution for laughter is not a joke for Sessions“).

I admittedly do not know all of the facts regarding the case against activist Desiree Fairooz and seriously doubt that we are reading the whole story in this column. But Milbank goes on to mock Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his speech, mannerisms and physical appearance.

Milbank also quotes comedian Stephen Colbert. This seems to be a given with the new alt-liberals – entertainers and comedians are treated as respected political analysts and commentators.

The Press Herald is, for the most part, a decent newspaper that serves Maine well even though I often disagree with its positions. It would be a far better newspaper if it stopped regurgitating swill from The Washington Post.

Richard Anderson

Old Orchard Beach