Portland filmmaker Reginald Groff will present the latest, updated version of his film “Peace, Love & Zoo” about Portland artist Zoo Cain at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Nickelodeon Cinemas, 1 Temple St., Portland. Groff has made several changes to the film since its spring debut, including the addition of one scene in which Cain talks about the lowest point of his life and how he navigated his way out of the depths of his depression.

In all, Groff added about five minutes to the film with other tweaks and edits. “We made a bunch of changes, lots of little things that were not as strong as they could have been and that I really wanted shore up,” he said.

A painter who is best known for using a kaleidoscope of colors, Cain also is an inspiration to people around him because of his quest for sobriety and clean living. The movie tells his story through his interest in art and music and the voices of people in the community who know him.

With the recent changes to the film, Groff is ready to start applying to screen the movie at festivals around the country and is preparing it for release on iTunes, Amazon and other retail outlets.