I was so glad to read that commercial fishermen are protesting the development planned for the Portland waterfront. Not only are fishermen and marine-related businesses affected, but all of the islanders in Casco Bay are as well.

I fail to understand why our city officials insist upon building up this area. The congestion on Commercial Street is horrendous now. Imagine what it will be like when more hotels, condominiums and the new Wex headquarters, with its 450-plus employees, come into the mix.

The only way out of town is via Franklin Street or Commercial Street. What’s more, in the summer there are more tourists and Friday night waterfront concerts; in the fall, we have cruise ships and the regular traffic to and from the islands and the Old Port. Parking is a huge problem now for islanders, and another lot will be lost if the Wex building goes in.

Invest to make better relations for the people who live in and use this area, especially islanders and fishermen. Enough is enough!

To the city of Portland, I say, “Leave the waterfront for small business and the people who live and use this area.” Find better ways to keep what Portland is, not what it will become if building continues. Portland is not big enough to have condominiums, hotels, tourists, big business and marine businesses in one small area.

Betty Thompson

South Portland and Cliff Island